Save yourself valuable money by restoring your vehicle's paint with a quality Paint Correction procedure.  Paint Correction will safely remove surface scratches and swirl marks from all painted surfaces, including clear coat finishes.  Why spend thousands at a body shop while waiting days for your vehicle to return?
For the vast majority of cars, Paint Correction can really make a substantial difference and will completely remove or significantly reduce most marks.  Not only this, but the resulting finish will have an amazing gloss depth of reflection and slickness. 
Let us TRANSFORM your vehicle today!

Nissan Hardbody Pickup: 3 Stage Paint Correction

Toyota Pickup:  Full Paint Correction

 “...There are detailers and then there is Automotive Appearance, definitely the best!  Mahalo for continuing to spruce up our family's cars.  It's always easy to refer such a quality business like yours, your entire team produces consistent and flawless results.   ”
- Robert  Uyehara  
October 1997  
 When we won a gift certificate at a Sunday church service we had know idea how God would lead us and create such a wonderful relationship with you and your company.  Your relentless pursuit of perfection in everything that you do amazes me Carl, you have been truly blessed.  Thank you for blessing our family with all you do for us.”
- Kumiko V.  
November  2015  


Lincoln Navigator:  Full Paint Correction

Mercury Grand Marquis:  3 Stage Paint Correction

Mercedes Benz E500:  3 Stage Paint Correction

Ford F150:  Wheel/Tire Cleaning & Chrome Polishing

Lexus GS430:  3 Stage Paint Correction with Ceramic Nano Coating

Ford E350:  3 Stage Paint Correction with Swissvax Application

Toyota Hilux Pickup:  Full Paint Correction

Toyota 4Runner SR5:  2 Stage Paint Correction

Suzuki Sidekick:  Smudge Removal

Toyota Celica:  2 Stage Paint Correction

Ford Explorer Arm Rest:  Steam Cleaning Treatment

Toyota Tacoma:  Scratch Removal

Toyota Celica:  Full Paint Correction with Ceramic Nano Coating

Toyota Celica:  Headlight Restoration & Sealant Application

Mazda 6:  2 Stage Paint Correction

Honda Odyssey:  Carpet Cleaning & Spot Removal

BMW 330ci:  2 Stage Paint Correction

Mercedes Benz E350:  Scratch Removal

Mitsubishi Galant:  Water Spot Removal

Infiniti G35 Gas Compartment Cleaning

Honda CRV Gas Compartment Cleaning

BMW 325:  2 Stage Paint Correction with Swissvax Application (2005)

Ford Fiesta:  Paint Transfer Removal

Honda Element:  Full Paint Correction

Transform Your Vehicle

Wheel Cleaning & Protection

If you have faded white Toyota...Call Us!

Toyota White Paint Restoration

Chrysler 300 SRT:  Full Paint Correction

Waterspot Removal

Cleanilng up someone else's mess

Door Pillar Restoration

Scratch Removal

Nissan Pathfinder:  Headlight Restoration & Clear Coat Application

 Bro, your work made my car look like it did at the car dealer showroom floor.  Good job with tons of Aloha spirit.  You the man, Warrior for Life!.”

- Colt Brennan.  
October 2016