Our Exterior Detail Treatment was created for those whose primary concern is the
exterior of their car.  Recommended as a quarterly or bi-annual treatment,
the Exterior Detail is a good introduction to the
AAS paint correction offerings.  This package
offers an initial foam bath and air dry process,
clay bar application with the inclusion of a
single stage corrective buff and polish.
Painted surfaces are then treated to a hand wax
application. This is a perfect choice for returning customers
who seek a low maintenance and low cost treatment schedule allowing for a high gloss appearance during the following months to come.
Treatment Includes:

  • Gentle Hand Foam Wash
  • Hand Dry & Blow Dry:  using scratch free towels & blower
  • Wheel/Tire Cleaning:  Citrus based cleaners
  • Tire Dressing:  Silicone free UV absorber
  • Clay Contaminant Treatment: Removes fallout & debris
  • Single Stage Polishing: Buffing application & removal
  • Sealant Application: UV absorber
  • Hybrid Coating or White Carnauba Wax Application
Approximate time:  2-3 hours
* Excessive waterspot removal subject to an additional charge

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to your crew and commend them on the magnificent job they did on my Mercedes Benz.  We were contemplating having the car detailed, figuring the paint was a lost cause, but once I walked into the garage I was astounded beyond belief!  Your staff was courteous and professional throughout and did the most remarkable work on my black paint.  I can see myself again!  Will definitely be referring you in the future to all of my family and friends, you are by far the best of the best!"
-  Rebecca Salter 

Prices determined by vehicle size:
S- $100     M- $120    L- $140     XL- $160+

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