Q:  How long will it take to detail my car?
A:  The length of time for all packages will differ depending on the size and overall condtion of your vehicle, on the average each service will take between 2-6 hours.  Services performed that require Paint Correction will require additional time to complete.
Q:  How long does your wax/sealant/coating last?
A:  Our wax products will last between 6-8 months, sealants will last up to one year and coatings will vary depending on the product you choose.  Each Coating product has its own warranty and will range from 1-5 years.
Q:  Do you require a shady area for you to perform your services?
A:  We do not require shade, however, our services will take longer to complete if work is performed in the glaring sun.  Also, if you are seeking any type of Correction services to be performed, a lack of shade may diminish the overall quality of work.
Q:  What do we need to provide at our home in order for you to service our car?
A:  We kindly request access to a water source and an electrical outlet.  A covered area would be most ideal, but not required.
Q:  What form of payments do you accept?
A:  We gladly accept Cash or any major Credit Cards
Q:  Do you service the entire island of Oahu?
A:  We do service the entire island of Oahu as well as select areas on the island of Maui