Nissan Pathfinder Headlights Before & After with added Ceramic Coating Protectant
Toyota Celica Headlights Before & After
Suzuki Headlights Before & After
Infiniti G35: Corrected & Protected
Correct & Protect your Headlights TODAY!
Chances are, if your vehicle is more than a few years old, your headlights are yellowed, cloudy or foggy.  The polycarbonate headlight lenses on modern vehicles are susceptible to damage from UV rays, road debris and Hawaii's weather.  This causes the soft material to degrade over time which
severely decreases the amount of lumens (light) that can illuminate the road ahead of you.
An important part of passing Hawaii's safety check laws is the clarity of your headlights and its overall condition.  Why pay hundreds of dollars for brand
new lenses when you can have your headlights fully restored in minutes! 
Call us for your headlight restoration needs today!
Prices start at
$25 / pair

See Clearly & Pass Safety Inspection