Our Paint Correction services are the most valuable and beneficial detailing service for any vehicle. Through 2-3 stages of machine polishing, the paint on your vehicle will be greatly improved and many times looks better than brand new condition.  This is achieved by removing unsightly swirl marks, greatly improving deep scratches or defects and bringing out a clarity that brings

Ford E350 Econoline

2 Stage Paint Correction

Body Shop Quote:


Our Price:  $1000

BMW 330ci

2 Stage Correction

5 hours


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Mercedes Benz E350

3 Stage Correction & Scratch Removal

Body Shop Quote:  $2000

Our Price:  $700

the shine gloss and reflections of the paint to a whole new level.  We are normally able to accomplish 85-95% defect removal after three stages of paint  correction,  Recommended as an initial service for vehicles with paint in fairly poor
condition having moderate defects like fading, oxidation, large amounts of swirl marks, scratches, etc.

Why Repaint...Restore It

Mercedes Benz E350

2 Stage Correction

6 hours


Porsche Cayman

Swirl Removal

6 hours