Hard water spots are a common problem in
Hawaii that plague many car owners.  They
are caused by mineral and calcium deposits
left on the vehicle after the water dries. 
They cause the various surfaces to look
cloudy or milky and even leave a texture on
your car.  Most of the time hard water spots
are found on one particular area of a vehicle,
especially on cars parked near sprinkler
systems.  Water spot removal requires special
attention to all surfaces of the vehicle and
may require several different strategies. To get
rid of water spotting, AAS uses a non-toxic
non-abrasive method that polishes your
vehicles surfaces and restores it to its
original luster.  Pricing for hard water spots
varies due to many factors including
stubborness of stain and accessibility.
Toyota Celica Water Spot Removal Before & After
Dodge Challenger Spot Removal
Damaged chrome bumper restoration

Remove Those Unsightly Spots

Toyota 4 Runner Rear Glass Before & After
Improved visibility = SAFETY
Mitsubishi Galant
Waterspot Removal on Painted Surface
Prices starting at $50